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Roads to Peace?

The Future of Infrastructure
in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

The Partnership


ROADS TO PEACE is an initiative by UNOPS and DIIS. Moving towards the 2030 Agenda provides a space for all stakeholders — governments, civil society, regional and international organizations, development banks, financial institutions, and the private sector — for rethinking the fundamental role of infrastructures in fragile and conflict-affected states. The goal of the partnership is to produce research and shape the debate around infrastructure in this challenging context. We do so by harnessing knowledge from the field and translating it into future recommended actions for stakeholders who operate in this space.

Research Briefs

To understand how infrastructure interacts with local dynamics in fragile and conflict-affected areas, DIIS and UNOPS have carried out in-depth country case studies in representative settings to create lessons for infrastructure planning and implementation across FCAS.

DIIS researchers have undertaken desk research and analysis of data collected by research teams in the field in Afghanistan and Somalia. They have also conducted field research in the Democratic Repubilc of Congo and South Sudan – read about their findings below.

Democratic Republic of Congo

During July and August 2019, DIIS researchers were in North Kivu (eastern DRC) to carry out field research in collaboration with the UNOPS project team.

South Sudan

During July and August 2019, DIIS researchers were in Juba to carry out field research in collaboration with the UNOPS project team.

New Report on Infrastructure & Peacebuilding

A new report exploring infrastructure's impact on peacebuilding has been released by UNOPS in partnership with DIIS.

Infrastructure interacts with all dimensions of fragility before, during and after conflict. Thus, it has the potential to both support or hinder peacebuilding efforts.

The report examines infrastructure's impact across all conflict stages. It aims to support informed decision-making to ensure fragile and conflict-affected states can promote long-term, inclusive, sustainable and resilient development.


Funding for this partnership comes from UNOPS, DIIS, the Danish Research Council, and Riksbankens Jubileumfonds.